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I'd go gay for you - Chapter 5

Title: I'd go gay for you - Chapter 5: I'd make you feel better
Author: agiponpon
Pairing: Ryo/Tegoshi, Koyama/Tegoshi
Genre: romance
Rating: G (in this chapter)
Chapter: 5/8
Disclaimer: I only own the story... 
Summary: Tegoshi came out of the closet and might feel something from someone. Is it Koyama, who always spoils him and takes care of him? Or is it Ryo, who despite his bad attitude makes his heart flutter?

A/N: Long time no see. How are you doing? I translated the chapter five and now it's ready. Once again, I did the job myself. My English still sucks but I try to learn and constructive critique is always welcome! I also love to hear comments about the story. What do you think? Ryo's being pretty nice to Tegoshi but is Koyama still better for him? 

"Tegoshi?" Ryo called him for the second time. Tegoshi was still staring in front of him eyes focusing on nothing and trying to internalize what had he had heard during the last five minutes. It felt like everything was spinning around in some kind of twisted carousel in which the horses had Ryo's face and the carriages Koyama's. After all those weeks he had finally heard that the person guilty for kissing him two weeks back had finally been found - twice. Both of them had confessed their sin approximately at the same time, about in as convinsing way as the other and in a very similar way. Tegoshi simply didn't know what to think. At first he had wanted to find the person who had kissed him but after that things had gotten more complex. Then they had turned so difficult that two people were claiming kissing him at the same time and same place. Unfortunately Tegoshi had felt only one pair of lips on his own and felt now very confused.
"You... Kissed me?" he confirmed slowly mouthing every word carefully.
Ryo seemed more concerned and thoughtful than before. Tegoshi wasn't sure if he had ever seen his older bandmate like that. It was as if some carefully considered, reliable plan had gotten a new, unexpected twist that Ryo had forgotten to take on count. He didn't say anything and Tegoshi budged restlessly, took one desperate step towards Ryo.
"Is it true, Ryo-chan?" Tegoshi asked. "Are you serious? Or are you just kidding?"
Ryo stood still for a second, silent and still wearing the same expression, the one that Tegoshi had never seen before. It was  as incredulous as his own.
"Why are you doubting me?" Ryo asked talking more quietly and lowly than before.
Tegoshi didn't know what to say or think. He wasn't sure about anything anymore.
And then he felt the world around him swing, the horizon sway, and growing, dark spots filling his sight and blur his conciousness. It had happened before, usually when he was too busy and forgot to eat, and he was already expecting to feel the hard floor hitting his knees or the in worst case scenario the back of his head as he fell.
But the drop was soft and he didn't loose his conciousness completely. Soon the world brightened up again and Tegoshi notices Ryo holding him up. The position wasn't a prince-like embrace familiar from girls' comics, but Ryo supporting him from his armpits in an uncomfortable way  because his legs had given in and he had been about to collapse on the ground.
"You idiot! What do you think you're doing?" Ryo yelled and helped him to stand up again. Tegoshi felt still a little dizzy and Ryo didn't seem to mind even though he had to lean on his shoulder for support. 
Tegoshi answered nothing and Ryo half pulled and half carried him to sit on a bench nearby. Tegoshi sat down thankfully.
"Drink this", Ryo said and snatched the can of lemonade from Tegoshi's hands to open it for him. The can made a fizzing sound and Ryo passed it back to Tegoshi. He grabbed it with frail fingers.
"Have you forgotten to eat again?" Ryo asked persistently. "I'll get you something. Wait here."
But Ryo had barely taken a step or two when he was called back.
"Ryo-chan!" Tegoshi exclaimed. "Don't go. I've eaten well enough. I..."
Ryo turned around and looked at him first curiously and then worried.
"You're pale. Are you sure?" he asked.
"Yeah. I'm still full", Tegoshi assured.
Ryo stepped back to him and like once before, he stroked his bangs to the side and pressed his forehead against Tegoshi's. For a brief moment Tegoshi was sure Ryo was going to kiss him again but then he realized what a silly thought it was.
Ryo's forehead felt cool against his own. It was weird. Usually Ryo was so warm.
"You fool. You have fever. How come you didn't realize it yourself?" Ryo asked, crossed his arms and sighed. Tegoshi smiled weakly and shrugged. He wasn't a doctor and usually didn't pay attention to stuff like that.
"Are you cold?" Ryo asked. Tegoshi nodded uncertainly. "Your fever's rising. Take this."
Ryo threw his black leather jacket on Tegoshi's shoulder's, the one he had pawed before that day. Tegoshi lifted his gaze and stared at Ryo in confusion. Ryo didn't look at him but groomed his dark hair like he was thinking hard. Finally he seemed to come for a conclusion good enough.
"I'll drive you home."
Tegoshi blinked surprised and wrapped Ryo's jacked better around his shoulders. It smelled like Ryo's cologne and his favourite brand of cigarettes.
"Did you come here by car, Ryo-chan?" Tegoshi asked astonished. That seemed to be the weak point of Ryo's plan since he hadn't come to work with his own car. It didn't take much to fix the plan, though. 
"We'll take a cap. I won't be able to reach any drivers of the Jimusho at this hour, anyway", Ryo stated. "Wait here. Don't move."
Tegoshi sat still obediently as Ryo moved farther to call the cap. He kept staring at Ryo who stood about ten meters away close to the main doors and noticed his heart beating faster. When he watched Ryo's lips forming silent words he wasn't able to hear despite the deep silence in the building he felt his face turning hot and red. It couldn't be only due to the fever. He really had fallen for Ryo-chan.
Soon Ryo came back and stuffed his phone in the backpocket of his pants.
"Can you walk? The cap will be here in a minute", he asked. Tegoshi smiled.
"It's not like I'm dying. Don't worry."
Like Ryo had promised, the cap arrived soon enough. He had managed to negotiate a cap with darkened windows, a car suitable to transport two celebrities who didn't want to cause a crash by the usual hysteria of the crazy fangirls. Apparently also the driver had been told about the status and hurry of the people onboard and he didn't ask the usual excited questions about the identity of the two media faces. Tegoshi and Ryo sneaked quickly to the back seat and the driver curved to the highway.
Ryo stared at the grey scenery that passing them by and Tegoshi took advantage of the situation. When Ryo wasn't paying attention he straightened the position of Ryo's jacket's collar and inhaled Ryo's scent. He could have stayed there forever.
But Ryo interrupted his moment in paradise by asking how he was feeling. 
"Are you okay?" he asked awakening Tegoshi from his fantasy world. Tegoshi smiled at him weakly and decided to act a little sicklier than he actually was. 
"I'm fine", Tegoshi mumbled huskily and coughed a few times even though his lungs were fine. Obviously he had a fever, as his face was burning hot and his cheeks probably very red, but it wasn't like he was dying. "I just feel a bit dizzy", he continued even though he felt excellent except for the fever.
Ryo looked worried and placed his hand on his forehead.
"I think you're fever's gone up a bit... Are you still cold?" he asked.
Tegoshi nodded faintly and leaned on the left until he was able to rest his head on Ryo's shoulder. 
"I'm just so very cold..."
Dishounouring of personal space didn't seem to bother Ryo because he kept eyeing the face of the boy leaning on him worried and frowning.
"I don't have any more clothes to give you so try to survive", he said with a low voice and wrapped his arms around Tegoshi to warm him up even just a little. Tegoshi felt like screaming and jumping like he was out of his mind but managed to restrain himself and sighed deeply  and happily instead. Ryo rubbed his arm with his thumb like he was trying to create fiction through the leather of the jacket and Tegoshi wondered if he had ever been so happy. 
Finally the cap stopped in front of Tegoshi's  home and Ryo helped him to get out of the car. Tegoshi didn't know how Ryo had managed to find out where he lived not to mention the exact address but at that moment it didn't worry him.
Not until inside his apartment Tegoshi noticed how tired he actually was. If Ryo hadn't stood beside him looking around in his home with badly covered curiousity, Tegoshi would've jumped staright to bed getting rid of his clothes during the flight and taken care of dinner or bath after waking up. 
"I guess you've never been here before, right?" Tegoshi asked curiously and hung Ryo's jacked on the rack like it was his own. Ryo shrugged.
"It's way more plain than I would've guessed", he stated unpolitely making Tegoshi frown displeased.
"And what's that supposed to mean?" he asked and placed his hands on his hips in a judging way. Ryo gave a small laught even though it was stiff and blank. Tegoshi wondered if he was feeling a bit shy.
"Don't upset youself in that condition", Ryo said. Tegoshi was about to demand an answer about what "that condition" was supposed to mean exactly, but then he remembered his fever. If he wanted Ryo to spoil him it was best not to mention that he was feeling a lot better already.
"You're right", Tegoshi said faintly. "If you don't mind I'd like to lay down. Thank's for taking me home."
He was expecting Ryo to utter a laugh, nod and leave and was surprised when his collegue and a secret crush showed no sings of leaving the apartment.
"No way", Ryo announced in a suprisingly stubborn way. "Do you really think I'd leave you alone after I saw you almost collapsing at the Jimusho? There's simply no frickin' way."
Tegoshi squirmed helplessly abashed by Ryo's wilful and absolute behaviour and tried to cover the feeling of delight caused by it the best he could. 
"Are you going to stay the night, then? I don't have a spare mattress and you probably don't want to sleep next to m-me, so you'll have to take the couch..."
Mentioning sleeping together made Tegoshi stutter a little because the mental image of him and Ryo cuddling in their sleep had disturbed his thoughts for a second.  Apparently though, Ryo didn't seem to notice his stammering nor mind the couch as his bed.
"Couch is fine. Don't worry about stupid stuff like that now. Shouldn't you be in bed already?"
Ryo kept staring at him like he was expecting to see Tegoshi getting rid of his clothes immediately. Just the thought alone was enough to make Tegoshi blush even though they had seen each other other half naked or even completely bare countless times. His flushed face made Ryo realize the awkwardness of the situtation too and he turned away. Without asking for permission he headed to Tegoshi's small kitchen. Tegoshi wasn't sure if he had seen a small blush spreading on Ryo's cheeks and temples too or if it was just his imagination. Besides, his sudden modestly might have made Ryo feel a shared sense of shame if he had even noticed it.
Tegoshi changed into plain t-shirt and slack trackpants, an excellent outfit for resting and sleeping. He left his toes bare and proceeded the bathroom to wash his face and take off his contact lences. When he returned to bed he heard Ryo rattling pots and pans in his kitchen and he buried himseld under the soft pillows and the cover of his blanket. The mattress felt soft and after pulling the blanket over his head Tegoshi let a bright blush spread across his face certain that Ryo would never know.
The voices of cooking made him feel like home but in a different way that it did when he visited his parents. No, there was nothing mother-like in Ryo. Just the way he handled the dishes was anything but feminine and gentle, more like certain and even rough, pretty much like Ryo himself. It was the sound of a loving, safe husband cooking food for his sick wife, Tegoshi thought. 
Tegoshi pulled a pillow tighty against his chest and giggled a little. He was acting like a blushing bride waiting for the groom to join her in their bed. What if the imagined situation was not that far from the truth? What if Ryo came back with a tray, but placed it on the nightstand instead and...
Tegoshi kicked his blanket and squeezed his pillow harder against his chest. Was it appropriate to scream a little?
"What the hell are you doing?" Ryo asked. Tegoshi dug his way out under the messy pile of pillows and blankets quickly and looked very confused for a second, like he had lost the sense of time and place. Ryo was holding a bowl of rice on his other hand and a glass of water on the other and gave the giggling and flushed Tegoshi a questioning look.
"Where's the tray?" Tegoshi asked feeling slowlier than usual. 
"What tray? You don't even have one."
Tegoshi thought about it for a minute. Ryo was very likely right.
"You don't have much else either", Ryo continued judgementally. "This is all i was able to make from your sorry supply. Don't you ever eat at home?"
Tegoshi shrugged.
"Usually I eat out. And at work. And if I want some home cooking, I go visit my parents. I've never had to cook", he answered in an innocent way. Ryo rolled his eyes. 
"It's good I decided to pay you a visit today. Otherwise you would've died, no doubt."
"Do you cook often for yourself, Ryo-chan?" Tegoshi asked and received the bowl that Ryo gave him. "Aren't you too busy?"
"I am. But I would if I had the time", Ryo answered.
Tegoshi took a taste of the portion and almost burned his mouth. It was good anyway. Ryo didn't boast for nothing. 
"This is good!" he told the cook who was watching him with rised eyebrows. 
"Of course it's good. I made it."
Tegoshi ate with good appetite, more eagerly that it might have been appropriate for a patient. He fell asleep quickly after the simple meal and had no cognition about what Ryo was doing while he was dreaming. 
No one had closed the shutters that night and Tegoshi woke up the morning sun shining straight in to his eyes through the biggest window of the apartment. He pulled the covers over his face to avoid the bright light. He still felt a bit sick and he was probably still running a fever, but at least his flu hadn't taken a turn to worse. He wondered if he should just take some medicine and head to work anyway. 
While thinking about work he remembered Ryo, who had kindly brought him home for the night after noticing his fever. Ryo had simply announced that he'd stay the night even though Tegoshi had told him it wasn't necessary. Had he really stayed? Tegoshi sat up and  fought with his blanked for a while as it covered his sight in an annoying way. After unfolding the covers and digging his way out he took a look around himself just to notice that the couch seemed to be untouched and the blanked folded on its arm was right where Tegoshi had left it. Had Ryo changed his mind and left him alone anyway? He couldn't blame him. One's own bed was always the most comfortable place to sleep, neither was Tegoshi the best possible company muttering and coughing through the night. 
Yet he still felt disappointment pooling in the bottom of his stomach. It would have been nice to wake up in the same room with Ryo...
Tegoshi swung his feet over the edge of the bed and tried to meet balance with his feet. He was able to stand effortlessly, so he couldn't be that sick despite his poor being. It was probably the letdown that made him feel that way, not the flu, and that was no reason to skip a working day. He looked for his pants  and stepped around wondering where they could have gone. He was sure he had left them right beside his bed...
"What do you think you are doing this time?"
It was Ryo's voice. He stood by the door of Tegoshi's kitchen and watched him with a familiar, curious expression on his face. Tegoshi looked at him surprised. 
"I thought you went home for the night."
"Didn't I tell you to stay in bed? Or do you want to become even more sick?"
"I feel fine..."
"I told you to stay in bed."
Tegoshi sat down helplessly on the edge of the bed and gave Ryo a questioning look. Ryo rose his eyebrows for him. 
"You didn't leave?"
"Would I be here if I did? I told you wasn't going anywhere."
Tegoshi felt still unreal but nodded his head slowly. Ryo really had slept in his apartment. But the couch looked untouched...
"Did you sleep on the couch?" he asked to make sure.
"Of course I did. I woke up a good while ago and arranged some things, you sleepy head. Breakfast will be ready soon. You probably want to eat."
Tegoshi nodded. He was a bit ashamed that Ryo had to clean up his place. Ryo wasn't even some super organized cleaning freak, not in a same way as Massu at least. 
"Go back to bed. I'll bring you the best breakfast I can put up here in a minute."
Tegoshi couldn't even remember when was the last time he had had a proper breakfast and his stomach was grumbling, so he grawled back to bed and under the warm covers willingly.
But then he happened to take a look at the clock. Damn, he was already late from work. Now that Ryo really had spent the night with him (Tegoshi swore he'd never wash the blanked folded on the arm of the couch) he felt a lot more energetic and ready for work. It was unnecessary to have a sick leave if he was able to stand up and to move his each limb and mouth at least moderately.
He moved quietly so Ryo, who was rattling in the kitchen, wouldn't notice when he sneaked out of the bed. His feet met the floor and he noticed his pants under the end of the bed. He tried to move without making any sounds but apparently nothing could avoid Ryo's sharp ears.
Ryo seemed angry.
"You're off the bed again", he said leaning on the kitchen's door frame with crossed arms. "Why?"
Tegoshi looked a bit inept. They were both adults and still he felt like he was being scolded my a teacher or a police.
"I was thinking about dressing up and going to work. I'm not that sick I couldn't go..."
Ryo didn't even bother answering. He stepped in front of Tegoshi and looked at him accusatively. 
"Don't you appreciate my  care?" he asked.
Tegoshi blushed and stared at his toes.
"It's not that... I was just thinking..."
"You really should stop thinking. It doesn't suit your pretty little head."
For a second Tegoshi was happy Ryo had called his head pretty but then he understood the whole meaning of the sentence. 
"And what do you mean by that?" he pouted but Ryo didn't bother answering.
Instead Tegoshi felt a strong push on his chest, stumbled for a moment and then fell backwards on the bed behind him. That was obviously Ryo's opinion about the place he belonged to at the moment.  But surpisingly he wasn't forced under the covers again but Ryo came hovering over him, put one knee down on each side of his hips and grabbed his wrists. He bended them behind Tegoshi's head in a way that made moving impossible. Tegoshi looked at him perplexed and with his face burning hot. 
"Ryo-chan..." he muttered. 
Ryo didn't say a word but leaned closer with a serious expression. Tegoshi could feel the heat of his body even through clothes and even thought he felt warm he shivered. He could feel every move and grue that formed friction between them and he didn't know what to think. He liked it. It felt good.
"You know you should listen to me", Ryo said almost whispering. Tegoshi felt his heart flutter. He couldn't help the blush that was forming on his cheeks again. Was Ryo doing that on purpose...?
"Should I tie you up so you'd just stay still?" Ryo continued making the blush on Tegoshi's face deepen. Tegoshi could hear the smile in his voice but couldn't help thinking that it wasn't such a bad idea. He felt a bit aroused and hoped that Ryo wouldn't notice.
Luckily, he didn't. At the very moment someone rang Tegoshi's doorbell and awoke them both. Ryo got up and Tegoshi hid himself under the blanket as Ryo opened the door of his apartment. 
A momen't of silence followed.
"Koyama?", Tegoshi heard Ryo say. If he wasn't laying down he might have tripped pure awe. Koyama?!
"What are you doing here?" Ryo's voice asked. Tegoshi was wondering the same thing.
"I heard that Tegoshi's sick. I came to make sure he's ok", Koyama's voice answered and Tegoshi could hear confusion in his voice too. 


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May. 24th, 2012 02:12 am (UTC)

thanks for sharing
May. 24th, 2012 08:36 am (UTC)
And thanks for your comment! :D
May. 24th, 2012 01:31 pm (UTC)
THIS IS. MY FAVORITE CHAPTER SO FAR YOU KNOW. I just can't get over Tegoshi getting aroused by Ryo's little 'do i have to tie you up' thing. Of course he wants it, Ryo D: I wish he wouldn't get up here and go open the door~ ;_;

Luin tän toooooooosi tarkkaan ja voin sanoa, etten oikeesti löytäny yhtään sen enempää betattavaa, mitä olit jo ite tehnyt tai alunperin muotoillu, tehny. Oot ihan uskomaton :3 Luota vaan omiin kirjotustaitoihis! Sä pystyt itsekin siihen, oot upea! <3 ODOTAN SEURAAVAA LUKUA!!
May. 25th, 2012 07:49 am (UTC)
Tegoshi has a naughty imagination~! But I think Ryo might've done that on purpose and he's probably even more pissed at Koyama who interrupted them... >D

Aa, hyvä! ;___; ♥ Ja kiitos kiitos! Ainaki uskallan nyt ite kääntää näitä ni ei tarvii odottaa kääntäjii. xD Ja seuraava luku on jo valmis, ufufufu...>D
May. 24th, 2012 01:39 pm (UTC)
yaaaaaaay update! :DD
Tegoshi imagining things and giggling is so cute :3
if i were Tegoshi i'd stay put like Ryo had asked and just enjoy the time spent together, hehe
this chapter is love, pure uninterrupted RyoTego, made my day ♥
May. 25th, 2012 07:51 am (UTC)
Thank you! ♥
Tegoshi's imagination is pretty wild it seems... xD But maybe he's too proud to stay put or too rebellious to do like Ryo tells him to?
I'm happy this chapter cheered you up! I'll try to update soon again!
May. 26th, 2012 08:41 am (UTC)
wow i'm keep on screamming in my brain when i read this chapter!!!
Tegoshi!Do something to attract that guy!!
Ryo!What are you thingking about!You make him crazy!!And you dont have to go to work?
How did koyama know Tegoshi's sick?Have Ryo asked for leave for both of them?
Sorry for keep on questioning,I love this story,waiting for new update❤
May. 26th, 2012 09:02 am (UTC)
Thanks for your comment! ♥
Tegoshi should really do something! But Ryo does seem to be quite attracted, actually. It's more like they're both waiting for the right moment, maybe...? Or they're just socially awkward and shy? Who knows!
I wonder if Ryo will skip a working day because of Tegoshi. That would be sweet...
And the rest of the stuff will be explained in the next chapter (which is already written AND translated!). Please keep looking forward to it! ♥
May. 26th, 2012 11:20 pm (UTC)
But just at this time was to come keiichan? He could not wait? NO! Ryo was on Tegoshi and probably would have decided to go beyond the talk and at that moment knocking at the door who wants to do keiichan nurses Tegoshi! Blimey! Keiichan go home and don't fed up!
May. 27th, 2012 09:31 am (UTC)
Ahahaha! xD Well, I don't think he did that on purpose. :D
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