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I'd go gay for you - Chapter 8

Title: I'd go gay for you - Chapter 8: I'd fall for you
Author: agiponpon
Pairing: Ryo/Tegoshi, Koyama/Tegoshi
Genre: romance
Rating: NC-17 (Only in this chapter. The smut can be easily skipped.)
Chapter: 8/8
Disclaimer: I only own the story... 
Summary: Tegoshi came out of the closet and might feel something from someone. Is it Koyama, who always spoils him and takes care of him? Or is it Ryo, who despite his bad attitude makes his heart flutter?

A/N: It's finally done!
I've been working on this story for a year now. I started it as a light I-have-no-idea-why-or-what-am-I-doing kind of story so the beginning is pretty messed up. The flow is no good either and my writing style has changed a lot. I ended up translating my own chapters too which explains the variety in the level of the English used. 
I started working on this while News was still 6nin. A lot of things has happened during last year and many things have changed, not only in News but in my life as well. I'm happy to move on to the next projects now, but I will never give up on this OTP!
I'm sorry for updating so slowly. It's been rough and there have been hard times, but I'm also very lazy. I want to give special thanks to everyone who stuck with this story from the start and encouraged me with their comments as well as everyone who helped me with the story with their support. 
Then, about this chapter... I post this unbetaed because I really want to post this on Tegoshi's birthday but I will chance it into the beta version when it's done. There will only be corrections in the spelling and no changes in the story, so don't worry.
I'm not completely happy with how I ended this. It ends like I planned it but it feels a bit rushed, don't you think? I also promised some smut, and there you have it. It doesn't have to be read, though, so everyone who doesn't like reading smut can still finish the story with no problems. 
Please leave a comment and tell me what you think! They're my fuel on writing and inspiration, so no matter how late you read it (even years from now), please tell me your thoughts! It makes me happy.
I hope to see you soon! ♥

It was not like he was running away from anything, so Tegoshi decided to slow down. He had only been jogging, but doing it in jeans and a shirt made people look at him weirdly. His expression was not  one of someone late from something important but one of someone upset and maybe a bit... frightened? Why had he ran away in the first place? Sure, there was his little crush on Ryo, but why feel such an unexpected panic and fear over someone he loved and who hadn't rejected him (at least not yet)? Not accepted him either, though, but he hadn't even confessed. 
He stopped. He didn't like the way his thoughts had taken. Confessing... He tried to think about it clearly, to make it all make sense, to think about his co-workers and about their position as idols, about how their chemistry as two difficult personalities would work and most of all, if there really was any chance, just a tiny, little chance... That they could be a couple. 6% of the population wes gay, he knew that. So just a 6% chance along with the fact that not every gay person was attracted to every gay person, but then again, there were a kiss... Maybe two...
Someone bumped into Tegoshi and he was about to fall flat on his face. It was a busy night, there were many people out and he was just standing there, looking even weirder than before, lost in his own thought. It was better to get going, preferably walking normally to his flat and get some sleep. Of course, he had taken the wrong direction and he had to turn back. A thought of Koyama coming after him crossed his mind and he decided it was the best to take the path passing the bar just in case they happened to run into each other and he could have a chance to explain his weird behavior. 
But he never had a chance to turn and go back, since he felt a hand on his shoulder and heard someone huffing behind him. He turned around expecting to see Koyama's tall figure, and felt his face turn completely pink when he saw someone with raven hair and eyes at the level of his own.
"Why the hell did you run?" Ryo asked looking him straight into the eye. By the smell and him slurring Tegoshi was able to tell that he was quite drunk, but he still looked sharp and a bit angry. For a moment he lost speech.
"I... I..." Tegoshi stuttered even though he was supposed to be the sober one and think straight. He felt stupid. "I wasn't running. I was jogging."
Ryo's hand was still on his shoulder and he didn't want to shake it off. Somehow he felt that something was going to happen, good or bad, and if this was going to be the last time Ryo touched him he wanted it to last.
"I'm drunk! Can't you tell I'm not able to keep up?" Ryo said and finally removed his hand from Tegoshi's shoulder so Tegoshi could turn around. He did, even though running away crossed his mind again. He just felt so afraid. Everybody knew Ryo was honest when he was drunk and Tegoshi really wanted to ask him, but at the same time he was scared of the result. Rejection would not ruin his world, but it would hurt like hell and maybe even destroy News...
But he didn't turn away and sprint like hell. He stayed still and tried to read the mood from Ryos dark, dark eyes, that usually showed affection when they were on him but  right now they were unreadable.
"I'm short tempered, you know. Answer up". Ryo said. They were standing on a street with a lot of traffic and suddenly Tegoshi felt embarrassed. It only took a second to decide what his answer would be.
"Just come this way. There is something I need to speak with you."
Without another word he tugged Ryo's sleeve and led them in an alley with no one but them. Even if there wasn't anyone to hear them, he decided to keep his voice down. With two celebrities talking about things he was about to say was nothing that should be done in public. He could have taken Ryo to his flat but somehow it felt like it would have been even more dangerous.
"What is it?" Ryo asked when Tegoshi was almost leaning on a brick wall. He was close. Dangerously so.
"Can I go straight to the point?"
Ryo was standing so near Tegoshi could smell his cologne, tobacco and beer. It made his heart flutter a little. Usually he didn't like smoking people but the smell of the brand Ryo smoked always made him think about him.
"Of course you can. You always do", Ryo said matter of factly. Tegoshi gulped.
"Ryo-chan... How do you feel about me?"
There was a silent pause. It was so dark Tegoshi wasn't able to clearly tell Ryo's expression, but it seemed like he was thinking.
"In what way?" he asked.
Tegoshi's heart was beating faster and his mind was trying to understand the meaning behind Ryo's words. So there were more ways than a friend?
"As a friend..." he said. Just to make sure. But the look on his face was doubtful, expecting.
"As a friend", Ryo repeated. " I think you're fun. Interesting. A bit selfish and adorable. What else do you want to know?"
Some useless instinct was telling Tegoshi to say "nothing" but he didn't. Ryo wasn't honest. It was easy to tell. The normal Ryo would say "selfish brat", not something nice.
"Then..." Tegoshi said feeling the confidence flooding back. " As a lover?"
Ryo was silent for a long time. Tegoshi felt the mood heat up. And then he felt like kissing. He had been right. He had been right all the time. He was right. He always was. Why had he been so stupid?
"Did Pi text you?" Ryo asked, with a low, silent voice.
"No", Tegoshi said honestly. "But if he had, what would have he said?"
"You're lying", Ryo said. And then, without a warning, a word, another accusation, without a single thing to tell what was to come, he pressed his lips on Tegoshi's. For the second time. No, the third. That was something Tegoshi knew for sure. 
"But if he had", Ryo continued after the brief touch of lips which wasn't enough. "It would have said that Nishikido is a jerk and and idiot and even though he treats you badly he likes you. That Nishikido is a confused loser who had no idea how to return your feelings. That he's someone who didn't listen to his heart because he had feelings for someone who was not approriate because of their job. And also someone who realized he'd want to spend his life with that person  no matter what there's to come."
Tegoshi was never left speechless, but this time it took a moment to be able to form a proper answer. 
"And that person is me?" he finally decided to make sure.
"Of course it's you", Ryo said. "You spoiled, selfish brat." 
At that moment, a big smile grew on Tegoshi's face. Before he or anyone else was able to stop it he pressed his lips on Ryo's. It was a proper kiss this time, not just some peck.
To no one's surprise, Ryo answered the kiss. With love and affection and passion and at that moment all Tegoshi's doubts were swept away.
They continued for a long time, but approximately at the same they were concerned that someone would see them. They broke the kiss and turned their heads first left, then right in a similar way. Then their eyes met and when Tegoshi saw the look on Ryo's eyes he knew immiadely what to do.
"Would you like to come to my place?" he asked. Ryo was drunk, but an honest drunk. He really wanted to believe he'd still be there in the morning.
Ryo didn't need to answer. He grabbed Tegoshi's arm and pulled him with him, determination in his eyes. He seemed to know how to get to Tegoshi'splace so he just let him lead him. There were many curious people looking at two men, two celebrities, walking down the street the one dragging the other along. Someone gave a silent scream, maybe because she saw them or for some other reason. But all Tegoshi could see was Ryo, looking so focused, so sure. And at that moment, his heart was full of pure happiness, bliss and joy.
"I'm so sorry Yamashita-kun", Koyama said looking like a mother apologizing for her child's behavior. "I think I'll have to go after him. He said he wanted to talk to me about something important and I don't think he's acting like his usual self so..."
Yamapi was still sitting on the table where he and Ryo had had their drinks, but he was looking at Koyama with a serious expression on his face, pondering what there was to do. He didn't nod or shake his head, nor did he get up. For a second Koyama looked a bit confused, since usually their leader knew exactly the right thing to do. When the moment passed and there were still no words, Koyama turned around to chase after Ryo and Tegoshi, but that was when Yamapi decided to speak up.
"Koyama-kun", he said with the voice of a true leader of a famous pop group. "Please sit down. And have a drink, if you'd like."
Koyama turned around slowly and sat down, but didn't order anything. He seemed worried and anxious, and Yamapi's expression and voice softened a little. Koyama leaned his elbows on the table and looked at his hands.
"Ryo-chan went after him already. They'll be just fine", Yamapi said knowing very well that it wasn't what Koyama was worried about. It was the exact opposite. For some reason he, too, had this feeling that they were going to be more than just fine. 
"Thanks, Pi", Koyama said, then.
"Why doesn't anyone call me Tomo?" Yamapi muttered to himself and took a sip of his drink. He started to feel generous and pushed Ryo's unfinished drink in front of Koyama. "Drink up. It was Ryo-chan's and he has had way too many already anyway.
Koyama looked at the beer but didn't gulp it down. He just kept staring at it, as if just a look would make him feel more relaxed and ease. Looking at Koyama's thin body Yamapi wondered if it actually did.
"Tomo", Koyama said and Yamapi's heart almost jumped at the surprise. As expected from the mother character of the group, Koyama had heard his mutter. 
"I think I'm in love with Tegoshi", he said and bit his lip.
"I know", Yamapi answered indifferently as if they were talking about girls, but deep down he wondered if everyone in Johnny's was gay.
"And I think Ryo's in love with Tegoshi too", Koyama continued.
"I know that too."
"How?" Koyama asked looking at him all surprised. Yamapi chuckled.
"With you, you just told me yourself. And when it come's to Ryo-chan... He just told me that too. Just before you two showed up. What am I, some gay therapist?"
For some reason Koyama blushed and looked down at his own hands again.
"Is that why you held me down when Ryo-chan and Tegoshi-kun fled? Because you knew Tegoshi loves Ryo-chan too?" he asked after finally lifting his eyes and looking and Yamapi. Yamapi felt fairly surprised.
"You're pretty sharp", he admitted.
"Oh, not at all", Koyama said. "But you know what they say... You just know everything about the one you really love."
Suddenly Yamapi felt like smoking even though he had been trying to quit. He pulled a cigarette out from his pocked and lit it. After inhaling the smoke and the smell and all the toxics, he pulled out another. 
"Need a smoke?" he asked and offered it a Koyama. With a silent 'thank you' Koyama accepted the offer.
"Do you want to talk about Tegoshi?", Yamapi asked casually, even though he had started to feel quite curious about the matter.
"Not really..." Koyama said. He was obviously feeling down, maybe because he had hoped that Yamapi would give him hope and say something like 'Ryo's not serious' or 'Tegoshi will get tired of him' or ' What are you saying? All he loves is you.'
"Can I ask just one thing?" Yamapi said then. Some smoke came out of his mouth, before he inhaled again.
"Did you kiss him in the dark?"
They both knew what he meant. They both knew what Koyama's answer would be. And they both knew what Koyama hoped the answer had been.
"No", Koyama said. "I made it up because it was a great opportunity."
From the tears in his eyes Yamapi could tell that he was telling the truth.
They were kissing again, lips pressed together with passion, Ryo's hands around Tegoshi and Tegoshi's hands around Ryo. They had started at the very second the door had been slammed shut.  After a while, they both were gasping for air.
"Ryo're a very good kisser, Ryotan", Tegoshi said and smiled in a very untegoshi-like way, shyly and cutely. 
"Can I call you Yuya?" was Ryo's silent, soft, low answer. "Like Koyama does."
Tegoshi chuckled. 
"Are you still jealous?"
"I just don't like people touching my things."
"I'm not your thing", Tegoshi said with a pout.
"But is it ok?" Ryo asked. "I'm pretty old fashioned in this matter."
"It's super ok", Tegoshi answered. "Do I call you just Ryo, then?"
Tegoshi looked fairly surprised and batted his eyes. 
"I wan't you to call me Ryotan", Ryo said with a serious face.
"Because no one else calls me that. You're the only one who's allowed to do that."
Tegoshi smiled widely again.
"I see. Ryotan."
Then something hot and dark flashed in Ryo's eyes and he pulled Tegoshi with him unexpectedly and pushed him on the sofa. Before Tegoshi had a chance to even yelp, Ryo had captured his mouth again and kissed him hard, with passion, with love, with dark, desperate lust, and Tegoshi had some trouble keeping up with him. 
"Open your mouth a bit", Ryo muttered against his lips. His voice was getting husky.
Tegoshi did.
He could feel Ryo's tongue feel him, the cavern of his mouth and his tongue. He was a good kisser, and Tegoshi could  feel blood rushing through his veins as his heart started to beat faster with each kiss, lick and nibble. His face was probably flushed and lips red and moist from kissing.
"Does it bother you that I'm a bit drunk?" Ryo asked then, pulling back for a second to gasp some air.
"No", Tegoshi said. "But I'm worried you will regret this in the morning."
"I won't. I promise. I'll be here when you wake. I will be here every morning you want me to be."
Ryo sounded serious. Tegoshi's heart believed him, even though his brain told him not to.
"Then I don't mind at all..."
They were kissing again. 
It took a second to find a position that suited them both. After some useless fumbling and apologizing Tegoshi found himself sitting on Ryo's lap, straddling him. Ryo was soothing his thighs with gentle fingers and fondling the fabric of his shirt meanwhile he was kissing Ryo back, letting go of all the restrictions he had had for such a long time. Everything Ryo did seemed and felt hot and if Tegoshi hadn't known better, he would have thought that he was the drunk one. Ryo's movements were smooth, experienced, even though Tegoshi could still taste the alcohol on his lips. All he could do was to grab Ryo's shoulders and gasp every now and then, when Ryo's groping became more feisty and impatient.
"Ryotan", he said so silently it was almost a whisper. "Have you done this before?" he asked.
"What, Yuya...?" Ryo asked as he was kissing and biting his neck, more preoccupied with what he was doing than the actual question. So was Tegoshi, but he couldn't help but to feel a bit jealous. 
"This...What we're doing..."
It took a while for Ryo to answer. Before he did, he nibbled Tegoshi's neck a bit harder and then rose his face to meet his eyes.
"I've kissed before", he said almost hesistantly. Tegoshi frowned. The feeling of jealousy was unavoidable. 
"I mean... Where this is going. Sex with... Another guy."
For some reason Tegoshi felt himself blush and according to the smirk on Ryo's face, he found that adorable.
"No", he said. "I haven't. Only with girls."
It didn't make any sense, but Tegoshi wasn't able to feel rivalry towards girls. Sure, he had kissed some too. It didn't mean he wasn't gay. It might've been a different story with Ryo, but there they were anyhow, together and acting in a very homosexual way. 
"How about you, then", Ryo asked and licked Tegoshi's earlobe with a smirk, that Tegoshi wasn't able to explain as the shudders it gave him swept all his thoughts away. "How can you know you're gay, if you've never tried how it's like to be with a man."
That made Tegoshi feel slightly offended. How could Ryo know he had never slept with a guy? But the jealousy similar to his was easy to spot behind the words, and that made Tegoshi soften a lot.
"You'll see", he said  grabbing a fistful of Ryo's hair and pulling him in for  a kiss. "But for your information, my ass is still a virgin."
For some reason Ryo bursted into an open laughter, that only Tegoshi's kisses were able to stop. 
Before Tegoshi knew what hit him, he felt the soft mattress of his bed behind his back, as Ryo had pushed him on it and was now straddling him. Even though Tegoshi had sat on Ryo's lap on the sofa, he had never been the one in control. When Ryo had decided his goal Tegoshi had been just an object to move around to archieve it, or at least that was how he felt. Now, when Ryo was kissing him slowly and passionately while fondling and tugging his clothes, he tried to think. It wasn't easy, but neither was he. Ryo was drunk and way too confident, he had to suffer a little too.
"Ryotan, stop", he said when Ryo's hands had reached his chest and when his lips and teeth had left at least a few marks on his neck. Being the softie he deep down was, Ryo stopped and looked at him with worried eyes. Without a doubt, Tegoshi decided to play the virgin card. It wasn't that far from the truth, after all. "What are you going to do?"
"Are you having second thoughts?" he asked looking so adorably disappointed that Tegoshi wanted to hug him and pat his head.
"No", he answered smiling. "I just... I'm not sure how you are going to proceed."
Of course he was sure, but Ryo didn't have to know that. Ryo seemed happy about his innocence, so he could just spice it up a little. It was his first time, after all. 
"Don't worry", Ryo said. "I'll make it good. Let's just take your pants off first. 
Tegoshi lowered his hands to fumble with his belt but found Ryo's hands already there. It was almost impossible to believe he had been drinking, because Tegoshi's jeans were lying on the floor in to time just like his shorts too. It didn't feel too embarassing, since it was with Ryo. 
"How about my socks?" he giggled. 
"You can keep them on, if you want", Ryo said absend mindedly admiring the view in front of him in awe. Tegoshi laughed and decided to take them off nevertheless.
"Like what you see, Ryotan?" he asked. For some reason it didn't even feel that embarassing now that all his clothes were lying on the floor. Almost as natural as public bath, just way more exciting.
"Uhhuh", was Ryo's answer when he climbed closer to him to kiss him again. But this time there was not one long kiss, but many short ones.
Soon Ryo was working his way down Tegoshi's jaw and neck, nibbled his throat and started placing hot kisses on his chest. Tegoshi felt his body tremble and he licked his lips. He couldn't take his eyes off Ryo. Just looking at him kissing and licking him was hot, and feeling it all bade it even sexier. A jolt of pleassure made Tegoshi breath more rapidly, when Ryo took one of his nipples in his mouth, nipped it lighty and soothed the pain away with his tongue. 
Ryo seemed to notice that Tegoshi liked his chest caressed and smirked against his skin. His thumb was rubbing Tegoshi's left nipple while his mouth was working on the right. Tegoshi moaned and arched his back.
Ryo pulled back right when it was getting really  good and Tegoshi made a frustrated groan. He was getting really impatient.
"Ryotan", he whined but Ryo just chuckled.
"I'll make it even better", Ryo promised. 
With that Ryo was kissing his stomach. His lips moved lower and lower until they reached Tegoshi's lower abdomen. It made Tegoshi's muscles jerk and he gasped again. Ryo was so close he could feel his hot breath on his hard on. Then he felt Ryo's lips wrap around him and he lost all thought. 
Ryo was sucking him, flicking the tip with his tongue, stroking his cock until Tegoshi felt pressure pooling in his groin and he knew he was dangerously close to coming. He tried to keep his hips still even though he felt like thrusting  into Ryo's mouth and he was squirming from all the sensations he had to keep inside. 
"Ryo, I want to come", he whined after a while and yanked Ryo's hair as a warning. Ryo made a lewd groan and let Tegoshi go from his mouth. Tegoshi was aready moving his hands to finish the job but Ryo grabbed his wrists. Tegoshi gave him a confused look.
"Not yet", Ryo said smiling deviously and kissed him. Tegoshi could taste himself on Ryo's lips which didn't exactly help him calm down. "Just wait a second."
Tegoshi would have pouted if he hadn't been too far gone to do something like that.
"The top drawer", was all he said knowing exactly what he wanted Ryo to do to him. Apparently Ryo's thoughts had been heading to similar direction because he didn't have to be told twice or ask what Tegoshi meant.
Tegoshi made himself comfortable on the bed knowing what Ryo would have to do for them both to get what they really wanted. Ryo came hovering over Tegoshi and kissed him with care and affection while trying to multitask and lube his fingers at the same time. Heated kisses were enough to keep Tegoshi distracted when Ryo's fingers circled his entrance experimentally. His other hand was massaging Tegoshi's inner thigh and it was a difficult position to maintan without a proper support. Tegoshi knew that and felt thankful for Ryo paying so much attention to make him as comfortable as possible.
"Is it ok if I push one finger inside?" Ryo asked against Tegoshi's lips with a strained voice. Tegoshi knew it took a lot of effort from him to take it slow. 
"Yes", he answered and smiled gently. "I'm not made of glass, Ryotan."
"Glad to hear that", Ryo answered and kissed him again, then moving on to his chin and neck, soothing the skin with his tongue. Tegoshi's words seemed to encourage him and he pushed one finger inside, slowly and carefully.
It felt weird, not bad but strange. Tegoshi tried to relax and to prevent his body from fighting back when he could feel Ryo's movements turning more wary. He was probably afraid he had hurt Tegoshi judging by his body's natural reaction. 
When Ryo felt Tegoshi getting used to the intrusion he started to push his finger in and out, still carefully  and making sure Tegoshi wouldn't feel any pain. He didn't. He kept his eyes locked on Ryo and the concentrated look on his face as he was preparing him for what was yet to come. But when Tegoshi let his eyes wander on Ryo's body he soon realized that Ryo was still excited and aroused despite of his tentative movements.
But as Ryo curled his fingers and hit that sweet spot inside Tegoshi the athmosphere changed. Tegoshi gasped and for a second Ryo looked worried and concerned and almost withdrew his hand but  Tegoshi stopped him.
"Ryotan, please", he said. "Please do that again."
The look in Ryo's eyes changed and the worryful care was replaced with hot lust and want.
"Like this?"
And before Tegoshi even had a chance to notice, there were two, lube-coated fingers in him and it couldn't have felt better.
After a while he grew impatient. Ryo was still going too slow and after several jolts of pleasure like the one before Tegoshi wanted more. 
"I want you", he whined and got surprised by his own tone. "I want you now."
"Shh", Ryo smiled and smirked. "Soon. I promise."
It only took a moment for the third finger to be pushed in because now that Tegoshi was getting more and more aroused and excited his body was adapting it with no trouble and even to Ryo he seemed more than ready.
As impatient as Tegoshi was, though, he was already sliding his fingers on his own chest. To Ryo's surprise, he started rubbing and pinching his own nipples and moaned at the sensation. For a second, Ryo's movements faltered and he was looking at Tegoshi with a strange expression on his face. Tegoshi was too far gone to notice the dark lust in his eyes and arched his back by his own touch. 
Without a further warning Ryo rushed to guide himself on Tegoshi entrance. Even with his clouded mind Tegoshi was happy to notice that his whole body was shaking and trembling and even more so, when he started pushing inside.
It felt weird to be filled by Ryo. Not bad, just weird. Even though Tegoshi had gotten used to Ryo's fingers it was definitely different to feel his cock pushing in, inch by inch, stretching Tegoshi in a way that was both painful and strangely arousing. Even with his aroused state Ryo gave him a worried look that Tegoshi wiped off by smiling a little and trying to hold in his tears. Ryo brushed his cheek with his thumb before thrusting in with more forcefully.
Tegoshi yelped and then moaned, as Ryo hit him hard and deep and made his body tremble. His fingernails dug into Ryo's skin on his back and Ryo collapsed on top of him from the sheer, overwhelming pleasure. He pulled himself together quick enough and finally, finally started to move.
At fist his movements were slow as he was concertned of Tegoshi this being his first time doing something like that. But Tegoshi liked it, loved it, and soon learned his way to have more of it. The pain faded quicky as he relaxed, and was replaced with the enjoymed of being so close to Ryo and the heavy jolts of pleasure than ran down his spine straight to his groin. Soon they were rocking together in perfect unison like they had been doing this for years.
If Tegoshi hadn't been so focused on himself he would have noticed how Ryo got more aroused by the dirty words that came out of his mouth on their own and by every push he got in deeper. They both were moaning and panting and gasping for air and Tegoshi felt like he really lost it when Ryo wrapped his fingers around his neglected erection and started pumping him in the same pace as he was pushing in. 
"Ohmyfuckinggod", was what Tegoshi was moaning when Ryo growled "Fuck!"
Tegoshi was the one who came first, spilling on his stomach as the tremors of his orgasm shook him and drew the most lewd, obscene loud of him. That alone was enough to drive Ryo over the edge too, and his arms gave out and he collapsed on top of Tegoshi once again.
"That sure was something", Tegoshi mumbled against Ryo's neck and ran his fingers on his chest in tired, soothing movements. Ryo nodded, still too exhausted to speak, and hugged Tegoshi on his side tighter. Tegoshi was resting his head on Ryo's shoulder as Ryo was lying on his back trying to steady his breath. They hadn't bothered to get cleaned up yet. Their limbs felt heavy and their seed was dripping on the sheets from Tegoshi's stomach. It was dirty, deliciously so, and Tegoshi giggled softly thinking about the face of  horror Massu would make if he knew that they were practically lying on sperm. 
"Whacha laughin' at?" Ryo muttered. His eyes were closed and Tegoshi smiled. 
"I'm just happy", he lied, because mentioning Massu right after sex probably wasn't the best idea. Ryo's lips curved in a smile too, and Tegoshi kissed his cheek.
"You were fucking amazing, Yuya", Ryo said softly and opened his other eye to look at him. Tegoshi tugged the sheets under them to cover them both. He would take a shower tomorrow, as well as wash the sheets, but right now he was too tired to even think about it.
"I know", he answered porudly when they were both safely under the blanked snuggling close to each other. "You were too for an average performer."
"What?" Ryo sounded almost angry and Tegoshi laughed.
"I was just kidding. It was the best sex I've ever had."
"It'd better be", Ryo replied.
They laid still and silent for a moment and Tegoshi yawned. 
"Ryotan", he said. "Promise me you'll be here tomorrow when I wake up. "
"I promise. Good night, Yuya."
Ryo kissed his forehead and Tegoshi smiled.
When Tegoshi woke up the next morning, Ryo wasn't there. He was lying on his bed alone, the sheets were cold and Ryo's clothes were gone. Tegoshi frowned and clenched the sheet with his fist.
"Screw you, Niskikido", he muttered angrily. "I'm going to kick you on the balls when we meet next time!"
"I can hear you, you know", said a voice in the bathroom and Tegoshi jumped up. His whole face lit up and his smile so  bright it almost made him sparkle. 
"Sorry, Ryotan", he said back. " I thought you had run away!"
"Why the hell would I do that? Except to avoid you kicking my nuts", Ryo said and came out of the bathroom with a bedhead and clothes on. "You'd better take a shower and get cleaned now or we'll be late from work. I'll fix you something to eat while you take a bath."
Ryo's way of talking was so rude, casual and annoying Tegoshi couldn't help but smile. It was his Ryotan, alright.
There were no regrets about yesterday.
There were no regrets and they both knew it. 
"You WHAT?" shouted Shige at the end of their busy day.
"We're going out", Ryo said repeating Tegoshi's words. "Don't yell. My head's still pounding from last night.
"Knew it", Yamapi said flipping through a magazine looking quite bored. "But I'm glad it's out now. There's no point trying to keep it a secret from us, even though the media should not know. It would be bad for News."
"We're not stupid", Tegoshi said and pouted. "We know all that stuff! We'll be super careful!"
"I think we should have a party", Massu said seriously. "Just the six of us. It's partly because we pretty much set you two up, you know. How about Shige's place next weekend?"
"No way!" Shige cried out even though everyone else agreed and he had no say in this. "You'll mess up my place again! At least help clean up!"
"Of course we will!" Tegoshi and Koyama said at the same time. Koyama mean it. Tegoshi didn't. 
"It's all settled then", Massu said. "Pi, come with me. Let's get us all drinks to celebrate this right now."
"What's there to celebrate?" said poor Shige.
"Aww, don't cry, Kato-kun", Koyama said and patted his head. "It's a start of something new and beautiful" 
"This group is getting weirder and weirder!" Shige whined.
Ryo and Tegoshi laughed and even Koyama smiled apologetic. 
Only Shige was able no notice that Koyama wasn't as happy he tried to seem. He didn't say anything then, but later he would let him weep on his shoulder, wrap his arms around him and tell him he would find someone better. Sometimes love worked in a mysterious way. Sometimes you won and sometimes lost. It was life. He knew Koyama would understood, and as time passed by, he could smile that genuine smile of his once again.
"There's one thing I still don't get, though", Yamapi said when he was alone with Massu at the vending machine. "Who kisses Tegoshi during the black out back then? It doesn't matter anymore, but it makes no sense eiter."
Massu gave him that mysterious smile of his.
"Who knows? As long as they're happy, it doens't really matter."
Massu seemed like he was about to head back so Yamapi stepped on his way.
"It was you, wasn't it?"
Massu had always been a bad liar and this time, too, he averted his eyes.
"It just seemed like they needed the push, okay?" he said. 
"Pretty cruel trick."
Massu shrugged.
"At least it worked."
Yamapi sighed and ended up shrugging too looking at the door of their locker room.
"I guess so. It was probably the easiest way to get those two block heads to realize what was goning on between them."
"Too bad Kei-chan ended up involved too, though."
Yamapi nodded in agreement. 
There was no ending to love as there was no start either. The life of the six of them was in constant movement and every day was a little different. As time passed by, things changed, got forgotten and then were remembered again and they continued their never ending wonderful story in the flow of entertainment, music and friendship.


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Nov. 10th, 2012 11:38 pm (UTC)
AAhh you finished it! I really liked the end but poor Koyama!
"This group is getting weirder and weirder!" Shige whined. LOL
If you write something else I'm looking forward to read it too.
Good job!

PS: I wanted to read it and comment fast 'cause I wrote a couple of fics (and I plan to write a few more if I can) and it's great when someone comments, you are right they are fuel and inspiration, so here it is. ;D
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Thank so much! I'm glad you liked my ending. Koyama's part was indeed sad and at first I was about to write a bigger part about how he was feeling now but in the end it felt unnecessary. I wanted to have a happy feeling at the end even though it left things pretty open. But I guess no story can be completely ended, right? Because life goes on.

I will keep on writing! Though I'll probably stick to one shots for a while! :DD
Nov. 11th, 2012 02:06 am (UTC)
Yes, I like to re read the comments and they do mean a lot.
And yes I think that it's okay you ended like that, you can imagine what happened after :)
Yeah, one shots are sometimes easy, but I tend to get carried away and I end up making them longer than expected and just posted my second one shot.
I hope you don't think me annoying, but you can check out my fics and tell me what you think, if you feel like it XD, of course.

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I know what you mean. I always think a one-shot or chapter will be around 2000 words long but they end up 6000 words long, like this one for example.
I'll make sure to check out your fics~! Thanks for commeting!
Nov. 11th, 2012 09:30 am (UTC)
oh it finally ended. pout

I like this fic. thank you very much.
Nov. 11th, 2012 09:49 am (UTC)
It did, finally. I'll write something else sooner or later, it's a promise!

Thank you for reading and liking my fic! ♥
Nov. 12th, 2012 12:48 pm (UTC)
Congratulations! Finally it comes to the end! And thank you for your insisting of Ryotego i almost wanna cry for there is still supporters! looking forwards to your new fics!

Return to the story, LOL now i know how a drunk ryo catch up with a good runner because the drunk wass running and the runner was just jogging and stoped and nearly turn around.

The confession makes me wanna running in my room! Yes a normal Ryo would say "selfish brat so after the drunk confession he said selfish brat that made it believable XDDDDDD

i love smut things though i can't tell exactly >/////< thank you again for lighting up tonight XD
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Thanks for commenting! ♥ Every new comment cheer up my day ~!

It's a shame Ryotego shippers are so quiet these days but I guess it's natural since Ryo left News. I do what I can to cheer those who still believe on them! We shouldn't give up!

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Nov. 13th, 2012 06:39 pm (UTC)
just saw this today and omg i'm so glad you posted the last chapter!!! :DD
just when i was feeling pretty sure that Ryo was the one who kissed Tegoshi during the blackout LOL i didn't see that one coming XD
and i thought i wouldn't be able to stand the smut part but i ended up actually liking it. it was cute in a way, hehe
thank you thank you for finishing this fic! this is just what i needed since i've been missing my OTP more and more these days (esp. since they just had their birthdays).
i liked the ending the way it is. you did a good job, otsukare! :))
looking forward to your future RyoTego fics (if you decide to write them again)! ♥

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Thanks for your comment! ♥
I'm glad I made you happy and was able to fool you! xD Ever since I wrote the black out scene I knew it was Massu but I made sure not to tell ANYONE! The answer was there all along, you just had to read between the lines~!
I'm happy you liked my smut too. I tried to make it as fully and not awkward as possible. I'm a big fan of smut but I don't write it too well, I think...
I worked hard to be able to post the last chapter on Tegonyan's birtday~!
I will keep posting Ryotego and I'm happy to know you're looking forward to them! Thanks for encouraging me and sticking with my fic until the last chapter! ♥
Dec. 18th, 2012 08:08 pm (UTC)
I was moved, it is a final sweet and very realistic. Thanks for writing this story.
Dec. 19th, 2012 11:45 am (UTC)
Thank you! ♥ I'm happy you read it and enjoyed it!
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