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Eat you up - Oneshot

Title: Eat you up
Author: agiponpon
Pairing: Ryo/Tegoshi
Genre: smut
Rating: NC-17
Chapter: 1/1
Disclaimer: I only own the story... 
Summary: Tegoshi has planned a delicious surprise for Ryo. The dinner is served!

A/N: Well... It's shameless porn. What else can I say?
I'm still not too confident with my skills but for some reason kind of like this one. Maybe it's because of the theme...? I tried to write something that's nothing but pure, hot sex. It's porn without a plot. I really needed to get the idea out of my system and the world does need more Ryotego love.
I want to give some credit to my RP-partner aoirose too. Our Ryotego RP has been a great source of inspiration and it has given me many new ideas especially smut-wise! :D
Every comment is welcome and loved! ♥ 

"Welcome home, Ryotan!"
It was Tegoshi. Tegoshi in a pink, frilly apron with a plalitude of "Kiss the cook!" embroidered on the chest. Apart from that, he was completely naked, wearing nothing but the apron and a pair of slippers.
Ryo dropped the bag he had been holding and stared at Tegoshi taken aback by the skimpy outfit the boy was wearing.
"What the hell is that?" he managed to stutter unable to take his eyes off the unusual and tempting sight. 
"Do you like it?" Tegoshi asked and twirled around to show Ryo the whole thing. Ryo managed to get a glimpse of the bow tied on his lower back and his tight ass. 
"Well..." he said and foced himself to lift his gaze on Tegoshi's face, michievously gleaming eyes and bright, playful smile. "I can't find the words to descripe what I'm feeling right now."
Tegoshi giggled and fixed his shoulder strap with one, attractive movement. Ryo's eyes were wandering on his shoulders and collarbones as his thoughts were heading to a dangerous direction which concluded on Tegoshi leaning on the wall and Ryo pounding into his ass.
"I'll take that as a yes", Tegoshi said happily and stepped closer to take Ryo's jacket and hang it on the rack. "Would you like to have a bath, dinner or me, dear?"
Another clishé, but Ryo couldn't bring himself to care.  
"Make a guess", Ryo said, stepped closer to Tegoshi and placed his hands on Tegoshi's hips. A knowing smirk formed on Tegoshi's face.
"Well, I didn't prepare a dinner or a bath, so I guess we only have one option left", Tegoshi chuckled and gave Ryo a knowing look. He licked his lips and wrapped his arms around Ryo's neck so seducively Ryo could only inhale sharply. 
They were still standing in the hallway, hungry and tired Ryo in his work clothes and Tegoshi close to naked, with no lubrication or condoms or a bed around, and with no doubts or second thoughts Ryo pulled Tegoshi into a heated, deep kiss. He was licking Tegoshi's lips and sucking his tongue and Tegoshi grapped a fistful of his hair and tugged it slightly. Ryo moaned faintly into their kiss and Tegoshi giggled again. 
"What would you want to do, Ryotan?" he teased when he had broken the kiss ignoring Ryo's reluctanse. Ryo looked at him in the eye and swallowed. "I'm afraid I can't satisfy you if you don't tell me what you want."
"You little tease", Ryo muttered and moved on to kiss and lick Tegoshi's neck. Tegoshi adapted to his touch willingly and the faint sigh that reached Ryo's ear gave him shivers. The more he sucked and nibbled, the more eagerly Tegoshi ran his hand in his hair and on his neck, and soon Ryo was moving further down leaving reddish marks on Tegoshi's chest and shoulders.
"Do you want to know what I want?" Ryo asked huskily against the skin of Tegoshi's collarbone and bit it lightly. "Do you want to hear what I'm thinking?"
He felt Tegoshi squirm even though he still had that smug smirkon his face.
"Tell me, Ryotan", he said softly and kept stroking Ryo's hair. 
"I want to fuck you", Ryo said and lifted his lips on Tegoshi's ear. "Here. Right now, in this hallway. I'm going to make you scream my name so loudly even my neighbors know who's fucking you." 
Tegoshi didn't object. Instead he started grinding his hips on Ryo and Ryo could feel that he, too, under that ridiculous apron, was equally as hard with him.
"I like it when you get all dirty", Tegoshi whispered and brushed Ryo's ear with his lips. It made Ryo shudder. 
"I'll eat you for dessert", Ryo whispered hotly into Tegoshi's ear and felt how the other stepped closer and wrapped his arms tighter around him. Ryo slid his hands downwards on Tegoshi's back and grabbed the ass that had been invading his coherent thoughts for a while now. He couldn't think about anything else and pressed his lips on another hot kiss against Tegoshi's eager mouth. 
They were kissing hungrily at the same time as Ryo was leading them againts the closest table which happened to be the one in the kitchen. So much for the hallway sex, but that wasn't relevant right now. What mattered was to get Tegoshi under him and as soon as possible. When he felt Tegoshi stop he lifted him up and sat him on the table without breaking the intense contact of their lips. 
"If it's just me you want to eat", Tegoshi said a little breathlessly when Ryo attacked his neck with his lips and tongue, "I guess the dinner is set."
He giggled sweetly and wrapped his legs around Ryo to pull him closer. 
Ryo nipped Tegoshi's neck playfully and smiled at his words. Tegoshi was exactly where he wanted him, pretty much naked and offering himself to him almost literally on a silver plate. He let himself slide his hand up Tegoshi's leg, up his inner thigh, dangerously close to his groin but never quite getting there. 
"Good", he muttered against Tegoshi's neck. "Because I'm starving."
With them it was usually about a battle of getting the last word. This time Tegoshi gave in and kept his mouth occupied with far more interesting tasks thank talking. They included kissing Ryo, sucking his tongue, licking his upper lip and nibbling the lower and moaning against his mouth when the kiss grew heated enough to leave them both gasping for air. Even when they had pulled back an inch or two to catch their breath, Ryo's hands were groping and feeling Tegoshi's back eagerly. Tegoshi had already dropped his hands below his belt and worked on his belt buckle causing Ryo to moan every time his fingers accidentally brushed his erection through his pants.
"Shit", Ryo groaned and maneuvered the buckle open faster than ever before. He threw the useless accessory somewhere on the kitchen floor and started kissing Tegoshi again. He knew he was an impatient man and that Tegoshi didn't like waiting either, so he settled for unzipping his pants instead of kicking them off completely to give Tegoshi access into his underwear. Soon he was moaning again as Tegoshi's thin fingers pulled down his underwear enough to free his cock and wrap around it. 
"You're so hard", Tegoshi moaned sultry when Ryo had freed his mouth by starting to kiss and suck his neck and throat instead. Every time his teeth scraped the warm skin and left an angry let mark, Tegoshi rubbed Ryo's cock a bit harder until they were both moaning and panting in unison.
Ryo's hands were sliding up Tegoshi's thighs again, this time with more pressure. He pushed the pink fabric out of the way until he was massaging Tegoshi's inner thighs with both hands. He felt Tegoshi squirm and stroking his hard on faster as an invitation to proceed further. That was all Ryo needed to do just that.
Soon they were both jerking each other off. The kisses they shared had turned sloppy and were more about breathing the same air and flicks of their tongues that actual contact of lips but they were too far gone to care. Tegoshi tilted his head switching between different angles and leaned back, until Ryo was practically laying on top of him. Ryo groaned, and his hands were everywhere again.
"Nnn... Ryotan", Tegoshi moaned in a voice that made Ryo wanting to ignore whatever he was going to say and just have him calling his name again. "The lube is in your bedroom. Go get it."
Normally Ryo would have told Tegoshi to get it himself but everything was different now. They were desperate and needy and Ryo knew that his state of arousal left no room for arguing. He let out a disappointed growl and stood up giving  the last, heated look at the boy laying on his dining table wearing only an apron with a visible bulge on front. 
"I take it that my dinner's still here when I get back", he said before he rushed to the bedroom to get whatever they needed to go all the way.
"I'm sure it won't grow legs and run away", was Tegoshi's amused reply. 
If Ryo had had some hard time believing his eyes when he had seen what Tegoshi was wearing (or more like what he wasn't), when he saw Tegoshi on his table with his legs spread and an inviting look in his eyes, he was sure he was dreaming. He placed the bottle of lube on the edge of the table without taking his eyes off Tegoshi and leaned closer, until he was hovering over him and feeling the the warmth of Tegoshi's body that was almost begging him to get touched. Even though the apron was still covering the most critical parts there was still plenty to see and even more to feel. 
Ryo wasn't kissing Tegoshi. He was fully concentrated on his hand that was sneaking under the apron and sliding up Tegoshi's body and pushing up the fabric. He heard Tegoshi inhaling sharply when he forced his legs even further apart to see everything the fabric had been covering this far.  It was beautiful.
He fumbled for the lube and squirted a generous amount on his fingers. Tegoshi was still looking at him, holding his own knees apart looking aroused and vurnerable at the same, and Ryo brought his fingers to his entrance. He circled the rim slowly and used his free hand to distract Tegoshi by stroking his erection. When Tegoshi was slick and rocking slightly back and forth to rub himself against Ryo's hand, Ryo pushed the first finger inside.
After a while of careful thrusting and curling, stretching and whining, Tegoshi seemed to be ready for the second and the third. Ryo took his time pushing in and out, scissoring his fingers and looking for that one spot inside his lover, that only he had been allowed to stimulate. Tegoshi was moaning again and desperate gasps were leaving his body. When he jerked and twitched, Ryo knew he had hit the jackpot.
He aimed for Tegoshi's prostate over and over again until the boy in front of him seemed to have lost all thought and control and looked so sexy doing so that Ryo had to squeeze his own balls to calm down a little.
"Ah, Ryotan", Tegoshi cried out. "How long are you going to make me wait. I want it! Do it already! Push in me until all I can feel is you!"
Ryo was already lubing his own, aching erection before he even had a chance to curse Tegoshi's dirty, slutty mouth. Just the contact with his own hand made him hiss but he pulled himself together and concentrated on the delicious feast in front of him. One horny feast that was.
He guided himself in Tegoshi's entrance and using all the self control he had left pushed just the tip inside. It was so tight and hot he let out a few swear words and bit his lip. His mind was cloudy from lust and all he really wanted was just to ram in the boy before him and fuck him senseless. A quick look on Tegoshi's face told him that it was a mutual wish.
That was all the encouragement he needed. He thrust in Tegoshi with one swift motion. Both of them yelped from pleasure and Ryo caught his breath before pulling out almost completely just to thrust back in.
The sounds of raw sex and the cries of them both filled the room. Ryo kept fucking Tegoshi on the table upping his pace, growing more greedy and hungry for more. Tegoshi's body responded wonderfully and adapted to his rough movements like they had  been made for it. His fingers were clenched around both edges of the table, both legs wrapped around Ryo and body almost folded in half by the force on Ryo's thrusts. A thin layer of sweat glistened on Tegoshi's body, his white hair was a hot mess and his eyes never left Ryo even though the look in them had turned soft and unfocused. The table was rocking under them but neither cared. Ryo groaned, Tegoshi moaned, and by the twitching and trembling of Tegoshi's body Ryo could tell, that he wasn't the only one getting close. He wrapped his fingers around Tegoshi's erection and started pumping in the same pace with the thrusts of his hips. At that, Tegoshi let out a loud moan and came.
He spilled on his own stomach and on the apron, white droplets of cum messing his skin and making him look even sexier. Ryo stroked him through his orgasm, the fast movements of his hips never faltering. He felt how Tegoshi's inner muscles were squeezing him and clenching around him and he knew he was dangerously close to coming. He pulled out of Tegoshi and finished with a few, rough strokes of his own hand before collapsing on the table next to Tegoshi. Sometimes it was convenient for them both to be so small built.
For a minute there were no sounds apart from their heartbeats and rapid breathing. Ryo laid still with his eyes closed knowing that Tegoshi was doing the same beside him. He moved his hand to entwine his finger's with Tegoshi's to feel the closeness of the other even though they were still too exhausted to move.
"That was..." Ryo started still unable to finish his sentence.
"I know", Tegoshi said and squeezed his hand. When Ryo opened his eyes and turned his head he saw Tegoshi looking at him with a soft smile curving his lips. "I hope you liked my surprise", he said.
Ryo laughed and took a deep breath feeling his body calm down little by little.
"I loved it", he replied. 
He felt so tired and sleepy he would have gladly dozed off on his dinner table. But he knew that Tegoshi was feeling even more tired and pulled himself together to take care of his lover who had given him something so wonderful. 
"How about a hot bath?", he suggested. "It will soothe away the soreness."
"Will you join me?" Tegoshi asked innocently. 
"If you want me to", Ryo answered and leaned in to kiss Tegoshi softly, lovingly, adoringly. 
"I'd love you washing my back", Tegoshi whispered against Ryo's lips and looked so sweet and innocent Ryo wished he could wash his back for the rest of their days.
"I could do that", Ryo said softly feeling slightly embarrassed by his own thoughts. He ran his fingers up and down Tegoshi's chest and saw Tegoshi looking at him with the same amount of attachment and love he was feeling too.
"And maybe after that", Tegoshi said and kissed his jaw gently, "we could have some dessert."


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Nov. 23rd, 2012 01:41 am (UTC)
YES!!!!! After sex comes sex, and after sex..it's time for sex again! Way to go ryotego *_* I loooooooove it, I love all the little details you describe, it makes this so lively and perfect. And I can feel the love~ Whye are you always making me turn into ryotego shipper...STOP IT ;_____; (no, really, continue doing that)

Nov. 23rd, 2012 02:03 am (UTC)
BAAAAAAW thanks for your comment~! ♥
Ryotego's a lot about sex! Those little sluts... :D
I'm glad you like my writing! You know how unsure I'm about my quality, especially in English.

YES, come to the dark side! We have Ryotego! ♥
Nov. 23rd, 2012 02:37 pm (UTC)
the apron thingy reminded me of Junjou Romantica when Nowaki (or was it Hiroki?) was daydreaming XD
*stops herself from imagining Tego wearing just an apron* >////<
and i love the conversation at the end. even if it's just a very tiny bit of fluff ♥
thank you for writing RyoTego again! ^___^
Nov. 23rd, 2012 04:26 pm (UTC)
Really? I've read Junjou series but I can't remember that scene. I guess I should read them again. Junjou Egoist is my second favorite pairing after all. :D
I'm glad you liked the fluff! I'm bad at romantic stuff because I find in even more awkward to write than sex. xD
Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, again! ♥
Nov. 23rd, 2012 07:04 pm (UTC)
i haven't read the manga, i've only watched the anime version ^^
i loveeee Junjou Egoist (because the angst makes me emo and i love it, haha) ! but i think i still like the Junjou Romantica pairing more because they remind me of RyoTego ♥__♥
i love the fluff even more than the smut, i must admit. but any form of RyoTego, i will welcome it with open arms :DDD the fact that you're keeping the pairing alive is something i'm thankful for :)))
hope to
Nov. 23rd, 2012 10:02 pm (UTC)
My favorite pairing in Junjou is Terrorist. :D I'm twisted like that~!

I actually wish I could come up with ideas for some non-smut... I'm very picky with my storylines (believe it or not) and I'm having trouble to come up with something that would inspire me AND be interesting to read.
Thanks for your thanks! I wish there were more people writing Ryotego but all I can do about it is to write some myself!
I will write more and hope you will be there to read it too~! ♥
Nov. 24th, 2012 03:48 pm (UTC)
holy shit omg this is the hottest thing I've read for months *________________________* kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love it!<3
Nov. 24th, 2012 09:20 pm (UTC)
OMG really? o_o THANK YOU! ♥
Dec. 19th, 2012 05:51 pm (UTC)
I am a loving, sweet and tender. Tesshi had a wonderful idea even if we missed very little that Ryo was a heart attack but would die with the regret of not having done his morsel that he had in front of him. In any case they are REALLY beautiful and sweet.
Dec. 19th, 2012 05:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much~! ♥
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